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About Tabadul

Experienced the Excellence of Tabadul for Electronic Information Exchange: Saudi Arabia’s Pioneering Digital Logistics Experts. It commenced its operations in the year 2005 to assist in the digital transformation of the logistics and business sectors. The company’s primary task is to develop secure technology solutions that facilitate international trade by promoting efficiency and transparency while enhancing operational performance. This support the region’s economic aspirations and progress toward large-scale development. Electronic Information Exchange simplifies global trade by connecting all stakeholders in the logistic industry. Our goal is to integrate and connect data across multiple logistic companies. This leads to a significant increase in workflow flexibility and performance, and improves efficiency by lowering costs and reducing mistakes.

Unlocking New Possibilities

Our Vision: We digitally transform regional and global trade systems. We aim to make trade easy by connecting all parts of trade systems and empowering logistics providers, buyers and sellers.

Our Mission: Provide innovative technical solutions to improve efficiency, increase transparency, and enhance the operational performance of global trade. We build a technology that gives our customers modern tools to simplify their experience and make logistics around the world easier and more efficient.

Our values

Value Creation
Championing sustainable solutions to transform the business ecosystem
Tracking bold opportunities to drive transformation
Act & Learn
Achieve your goals and learn from the challenges
Building mutual trust through professionalism
Crafting customized and scalable solutions value creation

Our values

Learn more about our values that drive our culture and define how we treat each other, our partners and our customers.

Tabadul's Products

Digital Products

Creating market-leading customer-centric digital products by leveraging best practices, experiences and cutting-edge technologies

Customized platforms and services

Customized platforms and services

Creating digital platforms and customized electronic services that meet the business sector’s needs

Business Operations Solutions

Providing workforce business operation services and modern smart technologies to ensure business continuity

Data Services

Data Services

Providing specialized services and cutting-edge technologies to analyze and process the business sector data

Emerging Technologies

Developing new technologies and introducing them into industries to improve operational and financial efficiency and achieve customer satisfaction

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